Why the Black Republican PAC?

It just makes sense

“More so than any other voting demographic, the values that define black American culture, values founded on traditional family values, free enterprise and economic opportunity are the very same values that define our Republican party. Many black Americans share these values, yet even though their values are already Republican values, they’ve never thought twice about voting for a Republican. Democrats consistently receive 90% of the African American vote.

As Republicans, we have failed the conservative agenda and done our party a great disservice by overlooking natural conservative allies and allowing the Democratic Party to take any vote for granted – especially the black vote.

The Black Republican PAC and thousands of supporters across the country are working to ensure the Democratic Party will no longer be able to take these voters for granted. From here on out, candidates promoting the liberal agenda can expect to be held accountable for the campaign promises they make; they can expect a voting electorate that will be comparing party platforms against their own personal values and an election that requires them to fight for each and every vote.”