The Black Republican PAC is the only organization willing to stand up and tell the truth about the devastating effects President Obama's policies have had on the black community and challenge the 90% support consistently awarded to the Democratic Party by black voters.

We have carried the republican message to previously unreached communities through television, radio and print and we have helped conservative candidates across the country.

Barack Obama has made life worse for working black Americans. His big-government policies have resulted in double-digit black unemployment. Black small business owners are feeling the pain from Obama’s failing government takeover of health care. His response to those who are suffering? “Quit complaining.”

In 2008, our ads helped deliver key states for Republicans. This year, the stakes are even higher, and we need your help to get this ad running in the communities that matter most.

Every year, 4 in 10 black babies are victims of the abortion industry’s relentless efforts to drive profits by targeting minority women. Now, he is working to make abortion a permanent facet of health care. In 2008, Black Republican PAC exposed the pro-abortion left in an ad that ran in St. Louis and Kansas City. The ad helped drive pro-life turnout in a state McCain narrowly won. Your support could mean the difference between four more years of pro-abortion extremism and sensible policies that promote life. Nothing less than the future of the black community is at stake.

Tapping into the experience so many understand too well, our ad highlighted the exploding black unemployment rate, and the effect it has on black business. The no-nonsense spot drove home the point that what is bad for business is bad for us, and it helped propel now Rep. Scott to Washington, D.C. while elevating true conservative Ryan Frazier in his Colorado race.